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If you want to hang around the lion's den, you'll have to learn to deal with the lion.

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Are we clear? Kenny: I am the God of Hellfire! And so help me, I will put my fist through your skull! Kenny: I'm going to rip out your head, run it through a shredder, and put it in a box! Jack Gallo: Two assistants and I'm not sleeping with either one of them. My, times sure have changed. Nina Van Horn: That's sweet, but I have this strict policy against dating coworkers. Well, it's not so much a policy per se. It's more of a loosely enforced suggestion, at the request of my lawyer. Dennis Finch: Yeah, little advise, we don't really do "super pumped" around here.

We're a little more stand-offish. Nina Van Horn: I'll be in my office. Don't barge in during my naked meditation hour. It's three to four, or whenever you can show up.

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Dennis Finch: I'm sorry if I insulted you, but it's what I do. I'm a bit of a cut-up. Jack Gallo: References? Anyone who's good enough for the U. Postal Service is good enough for me. Dennis Finch: He may seem all sugary sweet, but inside he's a bowl of crazy stew.

Maya Gallo: Mike with the mike. I know this guy named Rod, he hangs curtains. Nina Van Horn: My friend Binnie insisted we go to a pagan fertility ritual.

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Talk about a night of debauchery. I can't imagine how anyone could go to the pagan 10K this morning. Dennis Finch: We're all sick of hearing about your drunken, slutty, stupid friend Binnie. Nina Van Horn: Can it wait? I'm three circles away from solving the Word Jumble.

Nina Van Horn: Let me put it in perspective for you. I have been working on this for five and a half months.


That's all that's left of Binnie. Nina Van Horn: She had so much work done, I'm surprised they didn't melt her down to make crayons. Nina Van Horn: I'm sure I'll find a new best friend by the end of the day. Maya, you're a long shot, but I'm not ruling you out. Jack Gallo: This thing is great.

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It's like having a little assistant in my pocket. Jack Gallo: Why would you want to go to college? You just got your foot at the door here. Be patient. You'll work your way up. Dennis Finch: I just had four. No, wait, three. I poured one down the drain. Dennis Finch: I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure I'll end up being an astronaut.

Jack Gallo: That's right. It's meant for Blush employees and their families, you certainly qualify. Maya Gallo: How could you give the scholarship to Finch?

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The scholarship is my responsibility! Jack Gallo: Dennis is really applying himself. Why not give the money to him? Maya Gallo: Thank you. You see? Serious journalism does have a place in Blush magazine. Jack Gallo: But these photographs are all wrong. There is no gravity up in space, their skirts should be way up in the air. Nina Van Horn: It's simple. Fur is dead animals, right?

So why not show them being worn by women on death row. Alan: You need to get over your fear. I believe you can do it. Can you? Nina Van Horn: All I'm saying is just because the man is a stinking drunk doesn't mean we can't be affected by the power of his words. Elliot DiMauro: How could you make fun of a man who is clearly in need of help? Dennis Finch: I'm the bad guy? I'm the one who wedged him back into his pants. Alan: Look, if I can show my face out there, you can go to that reunion. Jack Gallo: I was just explaining to Paul that even though Grandma Pearl is dead, she still loves him.

Ray Liotta: You don't get it, do you? You think I make movies because I like making movies? I just do it to pay for Christmas!

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I live for this holiday, and now it's over! What, now I'm supposed to go back to Hollywood, be an actor for twelve months? Not me!

Know another quote from Just Shoot Me!?

Not this Ray Liotta! Dennis Finch: How about if I say a word, and you say the first word that pops into your head? Nina Van Horn: I hate this game! They used to make me play it at the sanitarium. Kevin Liotta: Hannah cut in front of Paul.

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She said she could do whatever she wants because her daddy rules the world. Kevin Liotta: No. She pushed him. I told her to stop, and she threw an ornament at my head. She told me not to tell anybody Nina Van Horn: My God, there's children everywhere. It's bad enough they run amok in our parks and playgrounds Except yours, Jack. Hannah is an angel on butterscotch wings. Dennis Finch: Here he is, the Kringle with the jingle, the guy in the sleigh who gives stuff away, the jolly dude from zero latitude, I believe you know who I'm talking about I'm not a musician, I only sleep with them.

Ray Liotta: You can't make Christmas do anything. All you can do is let it cover you in its warm embrace. It's a buddy movie. Nina Van Horn: Will you stop that humming, please? You sound like a faulty vibrator. Dennis Finch: I'm writing a Christmas song. Between you and me, I think I found a way to turn this sleepy little holiday into a big time money maker.

Nina Van Horn: I have a little something I've been working on my spare time at the office. It's called "What Lies Before Me". A pencil.