MAT Practice Questions (Second Set): MAT Practice Test & Exam Review for the Miller Analogies Test

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Anyone who has been accepted into TNS on the basis of tests formerly used for admission is still a member, with all rights and privileges. Consequently, recently taken Mensa admission tests can not be used as a basis for TNS admission. You can request archived scores by mail. Download the following form and complete each section:. For an additional fee , you can request archived scores by telephone. Call Customer Service , and have the following information ready:.

There is a score reporting fee for each report, plus additional processing fees.

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Education Assistance Program. Test Scores. Testing Outside US and Canada. Other Articles. This paper will need to be inspected by testing center staff. Test takers with disabilities are able to request special testing accommodations. Most testing centers are able to make accommodations, so anyone requiring them should contact their preferred testing center directly many weeks before the scheduled exam date, as the materials must be received six weeks prior to the testing date.

Documentation will need to be provided to MAT detailing the types of accommodations required, and there is no additional charge for taking the exam with accommodations. Approximately 10 to 15 business days after the MAT is taken, an official score report will be mailed. The score will include both a scaled score and a percentile rank. The scaled score ranges from to with an average of A scaled score of would have a corresponding percentile rank of 50 percent.

MAT Exam Study Guide Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the Miller Analogies Test

There is no passing score for the MAT, though institutions may have their own requirements for admission to the program. For those who feel that there may have been an issue with how their exam was scored, score verification can be requested. In the event of a change, however, the fee will be reimbursed and corrected transcripts will be sent to all institutions that received an original transcript. Test takers may elect to retake the exam if they are displeased with their original scores. There is no official policy as to how often the MAT can be retaken, though test takers are encouraged to check with the institutions to which they are applying if they have policies regarding repeat scores.

The word arf is an example of onomatopoeia, a word that imitates the sound it names. Ezra Pound was an American poet in the modernist tradition. House of Representatives. Frances Perkins was the first woman in the Cabinet, serving as Secretary of Labor under Franklin Roosevelt from to Baja is a peninsula that extends into the Pacific south of California.

If a speech is succinct, or to the point, it is not florid, or overblown.

You use an axe to chop wood; you use a plane to smooth wood. A louse is a crustacean, or a member of the Crustacea class. Portugal b Majorca is a Mediterranean island owned by Spain. Corsica is a Mediterranean island owned by France. The color violet is a dark shade of purple. Wassily Kandinsky was a member of the school known as expressionism. Auguste Renoir was a member of the school known as impressionism.

Miller Analogies Test: MAT Practice Questions #2

Cacti is the plural form of cactus, and leaves is the plural form of leaf. The Minotaur had the body of a man and the head of a bull.

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A harpy had the body of a bird and the head of a woman. Dye and die sound alike, as do wry and rye. Both are labor organizations. All the other traits are recessive. Fe from the Latin word ferrum is the atomic symbol for the element known as iron. Obstinate is the opposite of accommodating, or cooperative.

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  • The act of crosshatching in charcoal or pencil drawing leads to shading. Antonym Full-Length Practice Exams 57 Both may be referred to as tropical cyclones. A python is a nonvenomous snake that uses constriction, or suffocation, to kill its prey. Lack of water can make you dehydrated. Corduroy is a fabric known for its raised wales, which lead to roughness. John Stuart Mill was a philosopher and economist who espoused utilitarianism, the notion that the goal should be the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

    Dysentery is a disease often caused by an amoeba. A nag, or shrewish person, is typified by harassment. Imagery, or descriptive language, is typical of poetry. Jacques Diderot created an early encyclopedia. An anaerobe, such as certain bacteria, cannot respirate—use oxygen to create energy. In Greek mythology, Zeus was the father of Apollo. Sequence The cessation of menstruation is the time of life called menopause.

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    A belt grinder is a tool that is used to polish metal. Sequence Full-Length Practice Exams 59 A musette was an early form of the musical instrument we now know as the bagpipe. Something that is incorrigible, or incurable, resists correction. A sound that is sonorous might also be called resonant. Howe was one of the inventors of the sewing machine, and Whitney was one of the inventors of the cotton gin.

    Someone guilty of patricide kills his or her father. You would use a throttle to regulate something for example, power produced by an engine. Someone who is a humbug is an imposter, or a fake. In a similar vein, to importune is to make a request in the most dramatic of ways. A person who is implacable is resistant to appeasement, or conciliation. Use the answer sheet on page 61 to record your answers. Gauguin, b. Picasso, c. Monet, d. Alexander Haig, b. George H. Bush, c. Jimmy Carter, d. OMNI- : a. HQ Grenada, b. Haiti, c. Brazil, d.

    Mat practice test

    Thomas Gl, b. Mu, c. Si, d.

    Edmund Quincy, b. John Deere, c. Cyrus McCormick, d. LOW : a. Parliament, b. Duma, c. KGB, d. Turkey, b.