Restrukturierungsrückstellungen. Ansatz, Bewertung, Inanspruchnahme und Auflösung (German Edition)

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Weaning puppies at such a young age, depriving them of contact with other dogs and transporting them thousands of miles without food or water is physically and psychologically scarring. Far too often, owners are left with ill or traumatised animals. Many are faced with tough financial and ethical choices as a result. Does the Commission plan to introduce psychological, legal or financial support for victims of this kind of fraud in Europe? The EU has no competence in providing psychological, legal or financial support to the victims of illegal traffic of dogs.

However, many Member States like France have adopted national rules regarding the breeding and the selling of dogs in their territory. For both EU and national rules, implementation remains under the competence of the national competent authorities. There are also EU provisions to protect consumers against misleading claims from traders.

In the light of the results of the study, expected by , the Commission will consider if further measures are necessary. Below are some slanderous and homophobic comments taken from the publication L'Observatoire de l'Europe :. The postmodern regime of an integrated Europe is the institutional product of an approach whereby the overriding concern is having no limits. It therefore came as no surprise that it was from this side, once again, that the great anthropological breakdown of civil law, marriage and parentage originated.

How can the European authorities accept comments like these appearing in a publication whose title could suggest that it originates from the European institutions and under the starry banner of Europe? Is the confusion not dangerous for the reputation of our institutions as well as the fact that citizens may believe that it is an EU-produced publication? The European Commission is determined to combat homophobia and transphobia to the full extent of the powers conferred on it by the Treaties. The European Commission has however no general powers to intervene with the Member States in the area of family law and the specific case of recognition of marriages and registered partnerships, be it same-sex or different-sex, is not covered under Union law and remains within the legal competence of each Member State.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The Commission is strongly committed towards ensuring freedom of expression within its competences. As the Honourable Member has pointed out, L'Observatoire de l'Europe, is an independent periodical and the European Commission does not interfere in the editorial policy of the press. Does the Commission not think punishing her behaviour with a prison sentence is disproportionate?

It should be remembered, for example, that several Sufi tombstones were vandalised without the authorities taking much action.

Does the Commission not find it worrying that this young woman is accused of belonging to a criminal organisation, which is reminiscent of the type of accusation made under totalitarian regimes? The EU Delegation has met her lawyer to enquire and assess the issues at stake in this case. In that framework, it is worth noting that several articles of the penal code have been used by Tunisian prosecutors to instruct cases against Tunisian citizens.

Ai sensi dell'art. Sono state ripetutamente intraprese iniziative sui diritti umani. Per quanto riguarda il caso specifico a cui si riferisce l'onorevole deputato, il capo della delegazione UE di Hanoi ha reagito postando un messaggio sul sito web della delegazione e ha espresso pubblicamente la preoccupazione dell'UE per il recente arresto e le condanne nei confronti di attivisti, blogger e studenti, chiedendo un riesame immediato di tali gravi pene.

The EU is aware and concerned about signs of a more restrictive approach to human rights in Vietnam, in particular freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief. The EU raises human rights concerns in regular meetings with the Vietnamese Government. Demarches on human rights have been carried out repeatedly. Tra questi risultano esservi anche cittadini europei. Da allora, diverse organizzazioni internazionali sono state costrette a lasciare il paese, a causa della crescente oppressione attuata dai Fratelli Musulmani.

All'articolo 4 della decisione n. At the start of June, 43 activists from non-governmental organisations operating in Egypt which are involved in the democratic transition of civil society, received custodial sentences ranging from a minimum of one year to a maximum of five.

Some of these activists are European citizens.


In reality, this is a pretext to continue the crackdown on NGOs which already started at the end of during protests against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Since then, various international organisations have been forced to leave the country because of growing oppression by the Muslim Brotherhood. The EU is aware and concerned about the events referred to. The verdict was condemned as a negative signal regarding the work of civil society.

Stefanie Schnee

The EU will continue to follow closely the case and monitor the situation on the ground through its Delegation in Egypt. Oggetto: Otto arresti di operai durante le manifestazioni di protesta in Cambogia. All'inizio del mese di giugno, otto operai cambogiani sono stati arrestati per la loro partecipazione a manifestazioni di protesta durante le quali si sono chiesti maggiori diritti e garanzie a tutela dei lavoratori.

Secondo il Cambodian Centre for Human Rights il governo teme soprattutto l'impatto delle rivolte sulle prossime elezioni.

EUR-Lex - JOC___E__01 - EN - EUR-Lex

Inoltre, nel caso Enerji Yapi del , la Corte europea dei Diritti dell'Uomo riconosce, seppur indirettamente, il diritto allo sciopero quale diritto di tutelare i propri interessi ex articolo 11 della CEDU. Se sia in possesso di dati relativi allo sfruttamento della manodopera nei paesi extra-europei;. Quali misure intenda adottare per promuovere la tutela dei diritti dei lavoratori in Europa e nei paesi terzi?

At the start of June, eight Cambodian workers were arrested for taking part in protests calling for greater rights and guarantees aimed at protecting workers. According to the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights, the government fears, in particular, the impact that the uprisings could have on the upcoming elections. Millions of workers, not just Cambodians, are victims of a system where businesses try to increasingly contain their costs, cutting wages to the point where workers are forced to live below the poverty line.

Whether it has any information on the exploitation of workers in non-European countries;.

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The EU supports ratification and effective implementation of international labour standards, as enshrined in the ILO conventions, by Cambodia and other third countries. The ILO is best placed to promote progress on labour standards, including on freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, as well as health and safety at work. This includes respect for the ILO fundamental conventions on freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, but also health and safety standards and dialogue with workers' representatives.

De Europese Commissie onderneemt grote inspanningen voor het verbeteren van de verkeersveiligheid in de Unie en dat met een combinatie van Europese en nationale initiatieven. Ook wat betreft het veiliger maken van bumpers speelde Europa een voortrekkersrol, onder meer met de verplichte invoering van energieabsorberende bumpers. Er worden mij evenwel tragische verkeersongevallen onder de aandacht gebracht, waarbij de voorkant van een wagen botst met de achterkant van een vrachtwagen. De foto's van de autowrakken tonen duidelijk aan dat de bumper van de wagens niet heeft gediend om het voertuig af te remmen, maar dat daarentegen de motor en de cabine de impact hebben opgevangen.

En dit vanwege de grote afstand van de bumper van de vrachtwagen tot het wegdek en dus het belangrijke hoogteverschil tussen de bumpers van beide voertuigen. Graag had ik van de Commissie vernomen of reeds de mogelijkheden werden onderzocht tot aanpassing van de bumperhoogte van vrachtwagens tot op het niveau van een personenwagen?

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Zijn andere initiatieven in het vooruitzicht gesteld om voor deze pijnlijke kwestie een oplossing te bieden? Deze richtlijn is laatstelijk gewijzigd in en sindsdien moet de inrichting tegen grotere krachten bestand zijn. Met Verordening EG nr. Met name wordt voorgesteld om de hoogte van dergelijke inrichtingen verder te verlagen en de krachten waartegen dergelijke inrichtingen bestand moeten zijn, te vergroten. De verlaging van de hoogte leidt echter tot praktische problemen voor sommige vrachtwagens bv.

Het overleg op deskundigenniveau om overeenstemming over een definitief ontwerp te bereiken, is daarom nog niet afgerond. The Commission makes considerable efforts to improve road safety in the Union, by means of a combination of European and national initiatives. Europe has also played a pioneering role in making bumpers safer, inter alia through the mandatory introduction of energy-absorbing bumpers. If not, will the Commission take such an initiative? Have any other initiatives been promised with the aim of resolving this issue, which causes distress? This directive was lastly amended in to require the device to withstand increased force levels.

However, the height reduction raises practical problems for some heavy goods vehicles e.